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World History Research Project: Home

Evaluating and Organizing Sources

You will need a total of eight reliable sources for your presentation

  1. Give it the CRAP test.
  2. If the source passes the test and is useful for your project*, then download the source and save it to your Google Drive (*yes, you have to actually read the relevant parts of your source!).
  3. Integrate information from your source into your presentation in your own words or quoting when necessary.
  4. Cite all of the sources you used in an annotated bibliography on your final slide (see the "Citations" box below).
  5. Review and edit your presentation and annotated bibliography.
  6. Rehearse your presentation.

When in doubt, ask! Drop in to see Ms. Pausch in the Library, or send an email.

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

All citations should be in MLA 8 format

EasyBib (remember that you need to check that the information EasyBib has is plugged in correctly!)

Writing MLA citations

Writing annotations (three parts: a summary of the text, an evaluation of the text, and how the text applies to your project. Your annotations only need to be between three and six sentences long)

Annotated Works Cited page example

Images: in Google images, go to Settings -> Advanced Search -> Usage Rights: Free to Use and Share. Be sure to include a link to the original page next to or underneath each image

How to format a hanging indent in Google Docs (Video)


Database login information (if you're outside the building)

Presentation Tips


  • Keep it simple 
  • Backgrounds should be simple so you can easily read the text
  • Minimal transitions
  • Your text should be guideposts along the way for you and your audience, not a script!
  • For videos, be sure your audio is clear with minimal background noise