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The Library: TeenTober Pageapalooza

Pagepalooza Important Information

In celebration of TeenTober the schools in our conference will be competing in Pageapalooza! From October 1st to October 28th read as much for fun as you possibly can. Each school will have an individual and team winner. Within our conference we will have a top school, top team, and top individual that will have bragging rights till next TeenTober! Prizes will be awarded!

Important Dates

  • Pageapalooza starts October 1st and ends October 28th
  • Page counts are due each week on Monday at 11:59 p.m
  • Winner will be announced on October 31st 


  • Teams are made up to three or four students, you may only compete as an individual or as a team, not both. Be sure to register early via this google form
  • Books, magazines, graphic novels, rereads etc. all count! As long as it takes about 30-45 seconds to read each page.
  • Reading must be for fun!
  • Submit your page totals via google form each week before the deadline or else they will not count!
  • You can use your own method, or our google sheet to keep track of your daily page count. You will not turn this in, instead you will use the google form to submit the total pages you read each week.


Page Count Log