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Pageapalooza - Grant: Pageapalooza 2022

Have fun during TeenTober and participate in a multi-school reading competition.

Bulldogs Read: Fall Reading Challenge

How it works

In celebration of TeenTober, the schools in our conference will be competing in Pageapalooza! From October 1st to October 31st read as much for fun as you possibly can. Each school will have an individual winner. Within our conference, we will have a top school and top individual that will have bragging rights till next TeenTober! Our overall school winner was Grayslake Central, our overall team winner was No idea from Grayslake Central, and our overall individual winner was Andrew from Lakes!

Important Dates

  • Register via google form starting September 26th. You may register at any time but may not count the minutes you read prior to registration. 
  • Pageapalooza starts October 3rd and ends October 30th
  • Page counts are due each week on Sunday at midnight via google form. Standings will be released weekly on Mondays
  • The winners will be announced on October 31st


  • This year we will be counting minutes instead of pages!
  • Books, magazines, graphic novels, audiobooks rereads etc. all count! 
  • Reading must be for fun! SSR or independent reading books count, but not assigned reading.
  • Submit your minute totals via google form form each week before the deadline or else they will not count!
  • You can use your own method, or our google sheet to keep track of your daily minute count. You will not turn this in, instead, you will use the google form to submit the total minutes you read each week.


Weekly Reading Log

Registration Information

You may register your team starting now via this google form. You can register at any time, but cannot count the minutes you read prior to registration.

Weekly Reporting

Please report your minutes read by midnight on Sunday. Minutes submitted late will not count toward your total. You may use this log to keep track of your minutes, but you MUST use the weekly Google Form for weekly totals to count.  

Stay Informed


We will keep in touch with you and send you reminders through school emails.